Monday, November 8, 2010

Hive Fleet November 6th tournament. Games 1 and 2

Mission 1: Seize Ground/Dawn of War with 4 objectives centered in the 4 table quarters and 1 in the center of the board. Secondary objective: Table Quarters. Third objective Victory Points.

I played against the guard army pictured below.

I am not sure 100% what his list was but he had
2 Platoons with 1 Company Command Squad and a Lord Commissar

He had 3 heavy weapons squads. 2 with lascannons and 1 with autocannons. He had a special weapons squad with plasma and melta, and one with 2 flamers, a squadron of scout sentinels with Lascannons. He also had a penal legion squad which rolled the gunslinger ability, a ratling squad. He brought 2 Lemun Russ Battle Tanks with Heavy Bolter sponsons and hull lascannons. Overall not a bad list.

I rolled to go first and deployed my Wolf Lord, with 1 Grey hunter squad in a Rhino half way up the board in the center of the table. I was planning on getting in close combat with whatever he placed on the board on my turn 2.

Let me make sure you all understand. DAWN OF WAR is the worst table set up for me as I loose 1 turn of shooting with my longfangs and my Thunderwolf Calvary loose 12" of deployment and take and extra 1 to 2 turns to get to the enemy. Dawn of war was also bad for him as he had to bring on most of his stuff from the table edge and couldn't shoot much.

Turn 1: I elected to only move 6" and spotlight his command squad to wipe them off the board with my heavy bolter razorback, living lightning, Storm bolters etc. The problem is I spotlighted them but he made every cover save. (If I would have just moved 12" and popped smoke it would have been a different story)

He came on and shot alot at the Rhino but finally wrecked it with his battlecannon.

Turn 2:
I disembarked on the left side of the Rhino and on my turn 2 was able to get to the company command squad on my turn 2 wiping them out.
I shot with both longfangs, living living lighting, the psycannon, heavy bolters, the wolf guard dropped, drifted 9 inches away from anything good and shot and killed 1 guardsman. The wolves moved forward and ran a whopping 1" inch. I ended up killing 1 command squad, 1 sentinel, 1 platoon squad (With Frag missles), and the company command squad.

His Turn 2. He moved in and shot all everything at my Wolf Lord and Grey hunters and killed everything except, the Wolf Lord, Wolfguard with Thunderhammer and Combi-Melta, 1 GH with Power weapon. The Battle cannon fired at the Thunderwolves and missed. He killed 1 Wolfguard with shooting and ran a lot of his foot troops to get close enough to shoot next turn. The other lemun russ fired at the Wolf Lord but misseed badly. His Sentinels fired at the razorback and immobilized it. He also assaulted with the Penal Legion and I killed the whole squad.

My turn 3.
My Wolf Scouts came in and I came in from his table edge and triple assaulted his lascannon heavy weapons team, the special weapons squad, and a platoon command squad. I killed enough of all to destroy all 3 units with my 5 wolf scouts and WG with a powerfist. :). My Thunderwolves ran 4" and charged the Lemun Russ on the right side exploding it. The 2 WG that dropped on the right of the Lemun Russ moved in and assaulted the platoon squad killing 3, but the Lord Commissar had run within 6" and they became stubborn. The frag missles continued to take out lots of units. The wolf priest poured living lightning among another special weapons team and make them run off the board. My Wolf Lord and 2 remaing members of the GH pack assaulted another platoon and the lemun russ left. I missed all 3 hits on the thunderhammer but killed the platoon. I consolidated into the woods and waited for the incoming fire from both sides.

His Turn 3. He shot his ratlings at my scouts but only wounded 1 time which I made my 4+ save. He shot everything from the Lemun Russ electing not to move to kill my Wolf Lord and GH, a special weapons squad with 2 flamers, the autocannon heavy weapon squad. Both the GH and the WG died leaving the Wolf Lord alone. His Lord Commissar got into combat with the two WG and killed them with his power weapon. He shot at the Thunderwolves and did two wounds killing no models. Things were looking very bad for him at this time.

My turn 4. The Wolf Lord charged the special weapons squad and killed them all, the Scouts shot and assaulted the Lemun Russ and wrecked it. The Scouts all died even with 3+ saves to frag missles and living lightning, the Thunderwolves asaaulted the last heavy weapons squad, the Wolf Lord split off and assualted the platoon and Commissar. I killed the platoon but the Commissary was stubborn and would die on his turn. There wasn't much left.

His turn 4. Nothing really. I didn't assualt his last platoon command squad, didn't shoot anything and let him end the game with 1 unit available.

What I learned:

Dawn of war sucks for me, but using the Wolf Lord with a GH squad in a Rhino as putting them half way up the board really make the difference.

Using the inquisitor to sit with the Longfangs enabled me to premeasure to a unit before choosing to fire helped in all three games.

My Wolf Scouts Did great with the WG and Powerfist. The Combi-Melta didn't do anything but the powerfist was huge.

The combination of a Power punch with the Thunderwolves, the two GH squads with heavy close combat potential, the drop pod with Combi-meltas, and Scouts, all supported with coverfire from the longfangs was a lethal combination.

What he should have done differently:
He should have put his low AP weapons such as plasma, melta, lascannons on the side with the thunderwolves and concentrated fire more on the longfangs instead. He was too spread out to concentrate fire on two or three units. I only moved the Thunderwolves and Wolf Lord in Rhino towards his line, out gunning him from a far. This shouldn't happen with Guard.

Game 2:
Capture and Control/Pitched Battle with 1 objective in the middle.

I couldn't find a picture of John's Chaos Sister's. He had:

Chaos Sorcere with Lash in Terminator Armor
Slannesh Daemon Prince with Lash
4 termintors with 1 reaper autocannon
2 x 6 Slannesh Chaos Sisters with Meltagun and powerweapon in Rhino
2 x 7 Slannesh Chaos Sisters with Flamer and powerweapon in Rhino
3 x Vindicators

I was deathly affraid of this list with the lash and vindicators. I won the roll to go first and took the opportunity. I deployed with my TWolves at the 12" line to move and hopefully assault the first or second turn. I actually put them out as bait for him to deploy to close to my wolves for a lash. I was planning on running them back a bit out of range of his lash or at least to get my runic weapon 4+ save against lash. I put a longfang unit on each corner of the board to get side shots at the vindicators wherever he placed them. I spread out my rune priest and GH pack in the middle, my Wolf Lord and GH on the Right, and my Razorback, and Storm troopers with Inquisitor also on the left. I was betting he would deploy on the right blocking half of my army from line of sight for a turn. I purposefully put my Wolf Lord on the right because they could take the most damage and put out the most pain of the GH units. He ended up deploying everything on the left side right up to the 12" line, putting all 3 vindicators in the woods. He lined up all his rhino's in a line except for 1 in the back. He put his terminators behind his rhino's I began to lick my fangs as my missles had clear shots to pop alot of his rhino's turn 1. BUT!!! HE STOLE THE INIATIVE AND I ALMOST CRAPPED MY PANTS RIGHT THERE!

Turn 1:
My worst nightmare came true when he flew his daemon prince and lashed my wolfs 7" towards his side. The THunderwolves weren't close enough for the vindicators, so his Sorcerer lashed them again and fortunately only moved them 6" more. He couldn't bunch them up as his range was only 24" and he had to get as many as possible. His 1 vindicator got imobilyzed moving through the woods! (Thank Russ) He moved his Rhino's forward 12" and popped smoke. He shot his vindicator and hit two wolves but only wounded 1. I elected to roll my 3+ invol on my Storm Shield TW making it on a 4. His imobilyzed Vind Shot and missed badly. He assualted my TW with my Lord not being able to make it into combat and did 1 wound to my 0. He made all his invol saves and armor saves. I LOST COMBAT BY ONE AND FAILED MY LEADERSHIP. Fortuantely I ran 14" where he couldn't consolidate towards me. So I felt good my 450 point unit didn't get run off the table. My turn 1 I dropped in front of 1 vindicator, and shot 3 combi meltas and blew the gun off the far left vindicator. My wolves moved forward to assualt the Daemon Prince. My Longfangs blew up 1 rhino, blew the gun off the far right vindicator. I moved my runepriest in the rhino to get a good Jaws line and the earth swalled two terminators including the one with the reaper autocanon!!!!!! In the assualt phase I lost in combat again to the Daemon Prince but stayed. I did 1 wound to him and he did 2 to my Thunderwolves.

His turn 2. He moved toward me with the other Rhino's, shot melta's out the rhino's with no luck. He killed the wolfguard pack and tried to shoot the drop pod with zero results. He moved the terminators towards the Thunderwolves but decided to shoot the longfangs instead. He killed 1 missle launcher. His Daemon Prince died in close combat.

My Turn 2. I moved my wolf lord pack 12" around the center piece of terrain and my longfangs blew up his vindicator on the right that was trying to block me. My thunderwolves assaulted the sorcerer and terminators and wiped them to the man. I blew up anther rhino and shot some chaos marines on foot.

His Turn 3. He moved his other Rhino and blew up my Rhino with a melta. I lost 4 Grey Hunters in the explosion! Really? He tried to shoot my Thunerwolves through my drop pod with his imobilyzed drop pod. I was really thinking of calling the TO to disagree when he just rolled to would before I could finish what I was saying. He rolled 3 1's. That's what he gets. There was no way his vindicator could have seen my Thunderwolves that were lower than the drop pod that was on a 3" wooded hill. But anyways. He moved his other Rhino towards my longfangs and shot them killing 1. He moved his Chaos sisters into the woods to hide from the THunderwolves.

My Turn 3. The beginning of the end for John and his ladies. My wolf scouts came in behind his vindicator and blew off the gun with a melta and combi-melta but forgot to assualt. I assaulted his sisters with the Thundewolves and killed them to the woman. My longfangs wrecked the Rhino that popped my WLord's Ride. The Wolf Lord and WG with Thunderhammer, and melta gun assualted the unit of 8 killing 4 of his sisters and he killed my WG and GH. He lost combat but stayed in combat. My other GH squad assaulted and killed his other Sister squad. I shot 4 missles, 2 melta guns, 2 lighting shots, a psycannon at his last rhino but couldn't pop it.

His turn 4. He got out of his last Rhino and assaulted my Longfangs who only lost 1 and killed 1 tying combat. My Wolf Lord killed the remaining 4 Sisters. His Vindicator Tank Shocked my Thunderwolves who moved out of the way.

My turn 4: My thunderwolf lord left the unit and charged into the last Sisters squad killing all but 2 marines, He failed his leadership and I failed to catch him. He killed all the Longfangs but the Pack Leader. I assualted the both vindicators destroying the imobilyzed one and doing nothing to the tank shocking vindicator. I blew up the other Rhino and ended my turn.

His 5: He ran and shot at my Pack Leader without any results. He forgot to move his vindicator.

My turn 5: I did nothing leaving his Last 2 models running and a vindicator on the board.

What I learned.

Vindicators are bad against me, but the double longfang missle launchers and scouts can counter balance them.

Ensure I put my Rune Priest close to my wolves against any potential lash powers. Even if I am going first.

What he did wrong:
He should have put his vindicators closer together.

he should have deployed on the right side of the board making my army 1/2 way useless for 1 turn.

He should have charged the Terminators and Chaos Lord into combat with my Thunderwolves instead of shooting at my longfangs.

His Rhino's were also too close together as he came close together making it easier to assault him which is what I wanted to do anyways.

After game 2 I am tied for 1st place with almost 3400 victory points. I feel bad for damaging both players that way but at least I didn't kill everything. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

HIve Fleet Nov 6th Tournament. How did the wolves do?

The Wolves did Great! I ended up with a first place win in our tournament with 28 players!! It was a hard day of fighting as my hybrid Thunderwolf/Rhino Rush/Longfang list did very well. I could have tabled all 4 opponents but chose not to out of being a good sport.

My list was:

Thunderwolf Lord with Runic Armor 2+/3+, Wolf Claw, Storm Shield

Wolf Lord with Frost blade, pistol, and belt of Russ 3+/4+

Rune Priest with Living Lightning and Jaws of the World Wolf

Elite Inquisitor with Psycannon, Close Combat Weapon, and Targeter

3 Thunderwolfs with 1 Storm Shield, 1 Thunderhammer, and 1 Pistol and CCW

5 Wolf Guard with a Drop Pod
1 Combi-melta and Thunderhammer (Split into Grey Hunters with Wolf Lord)
1 Combi-melta and Powerfist (Split into Wolf Scouts)
1 Combi-melta and Stormbolter (Dropped in Pod on 3 games)
2 Combi-melta's (Dropped in Pod on 3 games)

5 Wolf Scouts with Melta Gun

6 Grey Hunters in Rhino with Melta Gun and 1 Power weapon

6 Grey Hunters in Rhino with Melta Gun and 1 Power weapon

5 Grey Hunters in Razorback with Flamer

5 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers with 2 Melta Guns (Loaded into Longfangs Rhino)

5 Longfangs with 4 Missle Launchers

5 Longfangs with 4 Missle Launchers and RHino

I combined the hard hitting Thunderwolf Calvary with Lord and the 2 Semi-hard hitting Grey Hunter Squads with my other wolf lord, wolf guard and the Rune Priest to form a 1-2-3 punch. Having 2 melta shots from each Grey Hunter Squad, and the Storm Troopers to take Melta pot shots while hiding behind the rest of the army to pop vehicles and the Longfangs throwing missles over everyone's heads, it was very succesful. I really felt the list was an overall great list in my hands.

I played foot guard, Chaos Space Marines with Lash and 3 Vindicators (I was Scared to death here), All Eldar Skimmer list (Also Scared here), and Orks with 3 Battle Wagons in the final game.

Fortunately I rolled to go first in every game and took the opportunity I will write up a report later of which armies I played.

I am very proud of the Wolf Lords. The Wolf Lord on the Thunderwolf wins my MVP award.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lafayette 1500 Point Tournament Win!!

The Saturday portion of the tournament is complete and I pulled out a victory in the three round tournament with 103 out of 114 possible points. The ship has been righted, the wrong has been corrected. I am satisfied with the results obviously and feel fulfilled within my soul. The closure from the last tournament is complete. Ok, now to the good stuff.

With all the hype and models dieing around me I forgot to take any pictures. Ugghh!!! Sorry, I will do better next time.

My list was:

Wolf Lord (On foot, yes on foot not on a TW) With Frost blade and belt of russ.
Rune Priest with Jaws and Living Lightning.
2 Grey Hunter pack with Meltagun in Rhino
1 Grey Hunter pack with Metlagun in Drop Pod
1 Grey Hunter pack with Flamer in Razorback
1 5 Inquisitorial Stormtrooper with 2x Melta guns
1 5 Inquisitorial Stormtrooper with 2x Plasma guns
1 Wolf Guard unit with
1 Pfist and Combi melta
1 Wolf Claw and Combi melta
1 Power Weapon and Bolt Pistol
1 Combi melta and CCW
1 Terminator with Cyclone Missle Launcher
1 Rhino
1 Long fang pack with 3 Missles and 2 Plasma Cannons
1 Rhino
1 Predator-Autocannon and Heavy Bolters
1 Scout Squad with Meltagun

First Game:

I played a Newer Space Marine Player that had a Master of the Forge and 2 units of scouts with 5 shooty terminators, and Crusader, 3 tac squads, 1 assault squad, and 2 dreadnoughts.

I didn't table him but left him with 2 terminators on the last 2 turns so not to be a d#$%.

I received max battle points.

Second Game:

I played a Guard player that probably had the best list at the tournament. He had, 2seperate Lemun Russ Battle Tanks (Wasted points on pask, lascannon hull mounts, and Heavy bolter side sponsons), 1 Open Topped Medusa, 3 Chimera's with 2 Vet squad in 1 and Storm troopers in another, a scout sentinel with Missle Launcher(?), a Platoon Command Squad with Astropath, Officer, etc, 2 platoons with lascannons, a heavy mortar team, and a heavy lascannon team.

He went first and killed 5 longfangs, and that is it on his first turn of shooting. I drop podded in and killed his medusa as well as rhino rushed him. His turn two wasn't much better with failing to penetrate rhino hulls on 4 lascannon hits and rolling 4 1's. He did pop a transport but that is all. On my turn 2 I blew a Chimera, made 2 units run off the table, assaulted his Lemun Russ with Pask and blew it up (With 8 krak grenades), killed his ratlings to the man, blew off all the weapons and imobilized his double heavy flamer Chimera. He conceeded before the assault phase was complete.

I believe he wasn't used to his guard and his very, very, very poor rolling didn't help. I ended with max points on this mission.

Third Game:
I was paired up against Scott! Man I was nervous on this one as he has had my number in the last 5 matches we have played. The Mission was picking up gems on the table and keeping them with infantry size models. He let me go first, which was probably his first and only error. I was able to deploy and take the vital 3 gems in the middle of the board and run away from his terminators with TH/SS before he could crush me. I also had 6 troop choices with 44 infantry size models to his 35. We fought each other hard, but Scott not getting his Landraider Crusader with Vulkan on turn 3 caused a big dent in his plan. I ended up with max points on this mission as well.

Overall I had a great day, and as I continue to improve on my painting it is really helping me in the last few tournaments. Thanks to Scott for giving me tips and showing me a few things. Thanks to Keith for letting me playtest the new direction am going with my Space Wolves.

Thanks to Carlos for a good tournament.

I hope to see you all on November 6th.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy's November 6th Year End Tournament at Games 2D4!!!!!!

So here it is! The last tournament from Hive Fleet Indy for the year. Will Footdar go 3-0? Will the Daemons take over the top spot? Scott is out of the running since he is the TO. Who is gonna take the gold? Sign up and find out November the 6th. The official sign up sheet will be in the store. You can also email or call me to get your name on the list. 317-752-4920 or Spots are filling up fast!

Hive Fleet Indy Year-End Tournament
Nov. 6th @ Games2Die4
11:30am- 7pm (Arrive early, at the latest by 11am)
1,750 pts w/normal force organization

This will be a WIN or LOSE format. There will be no soft scores, but there will be separate prizes for army appearance and a sportsmanship award. Army appearance will be a player’s choice award and sportsmanship will be a combination of player input and TO judgment. ALL armies must be based and have at least 3 colors of paint on them; any army that does not meet this requirement will suffer a 250 victory point reduction per game. This is to promote the hobby aspect of our game and I don’t want it to make someone “lose” because of it. Entry fee is $10 and we will have GW prize support as well.

These will be from the rulebook with a few minor modifications.

Seize Ground + Dawn of War.
Find the center point and place an objective, then find the center of each table quarter and place another in each for a total of five objectives. Secondary objective is table quarters. In the event of a draw you will use VP’s as the tie-breaker.

Capture&Control + Pitched Battle
Place objectives as normal, then place an objective in the center point of the table. Secondary objective is table quarters. In the event of a draw you will use VP’s as the tie-breaker.

Annihilation + Spearhead
There will be 9” from center point for deployment and place an objective at the center point of the table. If both players have equal KP’s at the end of the game then you will count how many UNITS each player has within 12” of the objective. Secondary objective is table quarters.

We will be using all current FAQ’s and the rulebook for play and judging. Start time is 11:30 am and there will be 3 rounds @ 2 hour time limits with 2-15 minute breaks and ½ hour for lunch.

Prizes= 1st-90, 2nd-50, 3rd-40, 4th-30, 5th-20 there will also be $25 for army appearance and sportsmanship as well as a $10 prize to be awarded by the TO. The prize payout is based upon a full field of 20 and will scale down per attendance.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saltire Games Tournament-Quick write up

I went to the Saltire tournament with a "fun and fluffy" list. I wanted to play with mostly Thunderwolf Calvary. My list was:

TW Lord with Wolf Claw, Storm Shield, Runic Armor (2+)
TW Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Double Wolf Claws
Rune Priest with Storm Caller and Jaws

3 TW Calvary with 1 Thunder hammer, 1 W/SS and CCW, and 1 W/CCW and Bolt Pistol.
4 TW Calvary with 1 Thunder hammer and SS, 1 W/SS and CCW, 1 W/CCW and Bolt Pistol, and 1 with Bolter and CCW.

5 Man GH with Melta and WG with Combi Melta in Rhino

5 Man GH with Melta and WG with Combi Melta in Rhino

5 Man GH with Flamer on foot.

5 Man Scout squad with melta bombs and a melta gun.

5 Lonfangs with Missle Launchers

First Opponent:

Steve's Footdar, but being played by his Sweedish Friend.
The Mission was king of the hill for the middle ground. I gambled that he couldn't kill my TW's in 1 turn so put myself right up to the 12" line from the center. I fortunately seized the initiative and would get a test of that theory. Due to some really good rolls from him, bladestorm, doom, and guide, he killed my WG Battle Leader and 3 of the 4 Thunder wolves in the large group. Of course I totally failed my 4+ screw you against psychic powers 3 out of 4 times, but hey! The Thunderhammer TW lived and wiped out his wraithlord the next turn. My smaller unit of TW with the Lord moved in and wiped out pretty much half of his army. I used my Rhino's to tank shock one unit of dire avengers then watched them walk across the board. A unit of 5 GH shot and assualted another unit, beat them down in close combat and made them run off the board. Once I finally got to his army on turn well 2 and 3 it was pretty much over. I actually felt bad for him and didn't table the guy. Didn't feel great about beating the baby sweedish seal, but it was a win.

What I learned:
*Dire Avengers with blade storm ,guide, and doom are stupid! And effective.
*Wraith Lords don't like Crack Missles and Strength 10 Thunderhammers.
*Always bring a Rune Priest-He saved my Lord and my small Thunderwolf unit from getting guided by 10 fire dragons, allowing me to only loose 1 complete model. And he killed a farseer, and ... nevermind.
*Sweedish women are the hottest.

Where I screwed up:
*Always buy a wolfguard to go with the scouts. Hey 2 melta shots are better than 1. Even if you miss all 4 turns with them.
*When using 2 units of TW, ensure they have some sort of cover with low AP shots around.

2nd Opponent:
Scott Kennedy-Salamanders

The mission was 4 objectives. This will be short and sweet. I only had 3 troop choices, and so did he, but of course he can combat squad and well, I can't. I lost very badly because.....

5 TH/SS Terminators and Vulkan, made over 27 3+invol saves against my 9 Thunderwolves. Which is really statistically impossible. Yes his 200 + 195 point unit wiped up 75% of mine in 2 turns. Uhmmm.....Uhmmmm..... Where is my guard at?

Things I learned:
*Those types of saves aren't normal as you will see in the last battle against similar circumstances.
*Don't get pulled away or distracted by something that Thunderwolves don't need to worry about.
*Take more than 15 troop models in any game of 1000 of more.

Opponent 3

Mission was annihilation with 3 paint pots as extra kill points on each side of the board.

Pat won and chose to go first. He had never played Thunderwolves so didn't know what to expect. I won this game because of deployement and the unknown for Pat. He had rough and dirty:

A Librarian attached to
4 TH/SS Terminators
3 or 4 LClaw Terminators
with a Sang Priest
(Nasty Unit)

1 Tac squad split.
2 Assault Squads. He combat squaded 1 unit. 1 with a Sang Priest.
1 Dreadnought with MM
1 MM bike.

I split my force in 2 with nothing in the middle of the board within my range of anything for him to shoot at. I reserved my unit of GH on foot and 1 Unit on a Rhino.

He moved forward and shot, and even moved his predator 12 to shoot into my longfangs but didn't do any wounds on turn 1. My unit of 4 TW and the Lord moved, ran 4, and assaulted thru 10 inches of difficult terrain to explode the predator. He was pretty shocked they could do that. My longfangs split fire and instantly killed his bike from across the board and immobilized his dreadnought and knocked off it multi-melta. I also tried to Jaws his terminators, but failed to do anything, I actually jumped my Rune Priest out of the RHino alone to get the line.

His turn he dropped 1 assault squad and shot everything including a melta gun at the Rune Priest only to roll a 1 and do no unsaved wounds. That was a 10 man assault squad with a melta gun.

On my turn the 2 units of Thunderwolf converged in the middle of the board to erase the entire unit of Blood Angels. I took more shots into the dreadnought and destroyed some paint pots.

His turn he didn't get his reserves and shot at a few things but did nothing. My turn I move towards his nasty squad but didn't get close enough to assault yet. I was waiting for the following turn. My scouts came in and assaulted his 5 man tac squad on the left flank with the WG Battle Leader killing the 5 men with ease. His next turn he just waited for me to come get him. I finally moved in with the WG Battle Leader moving on his own and the other 8 TH hitting the line hard. He had to make 9 invol saves just against the Lord and WG Battle Leader at Init 5. He made 8 of nine. That is with 3 or 4 lightinig claws also. All the other attacks did very few wound and we fought again in his turn. I killed the Sangpriest on the first turn so he lost his feel no pain. I finally killed him off on my turn and the unit of 4 tac marines which I multi assaulted ran. He ended up killing my 2 man TW unit and 0 of my 4 man TW unit. I finally destroyed the dreadnought from afar, and on the following turn he dropped his last assault squad who almost scattered off the table and killed 1 scout in shooting. I moved my WG BL and 4 TW to him and crushed him to the man. I finished off the last remaining models and paint pots on turn 5. Pretty brutal battle for him, but if I wouldn't have gotten all the kill points I wouldn't have been in the running for 2nd place.

What I learned:
*TW in 4's are much better than 3's.
*TW need more fire support from more longfangs, or units to pull shots away from them. Like Drop podding in GH or WG.
*I love my Thunderwolves.

Turns out I would have had 2nd place if not for Justin and Scott tieing the last game. In fact at first, Scott was declared the winner, but then Justin noticed they miscounted the killpoints and it ended up a tie. But, they tied, and I got pushed to 3rd. I had more kill points than Justin and I believe the same or one away below Scott.

Good tournament. I like Steve's banter at the locals. It was a fun day. I was a little down at the results of the 3++ Terminators, but overall had a great time. Hopefully we can help get that 40K crown going a little there!!

Thanks Steve

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Competitive or Fun List for Saltire Games Tourney?

I am going to a tournament at Saltire Games on Sunday and cannot decide what Space Wolves list to play. I really want to play my fun themed list but should probably play my list I am playing next weekend in Lafayette to get in some practice time. My Fun list is centered around the amazing Thunderwolf models. They are incredible and look amazing. I am now up to 8 completed with only 2 more to finish my collection of 10 I want.

I will not give out the exact list but it revolves around Canis and some Fenrisian Wolves. Oh how I wish they were scoring!!!!

The second revolves around the familiar Razorback Spam that Space Wolf and Blood Angel players are using now. I have never copied a list off the internet, and never will, but having a lot of AV11 is a competitive list right now.

What determines what kind of list you bring to different tournaments? We have talked on the Back40 Blog about tournaments. I normally always try to be competitive to the max, but would like to try and bring a fun themed list from time to time.

What list would you bring if you were me?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tournament October 17th at Saltire Games

Saltire Games

11723 Pendleton Pike
Indianapolis, Indiana

Phone: 317-823-1645

1500 point tournament at Saltire Games!! Steve Finally is going to run an event!!!!

Check this link for more information. If I can bribe my wife I will definitely be there!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1500 point tournament at the GP in Lafayette

I am excited about the tournament that Carlos has put up for the end of the month. He took some of my contructive criticism and really made some changes to the tournament set up that I think are pretty cool. Check out his write up below. I really like there is 2 days to play in case you cannot make it on Saturday. You can only play one day, but still, very neat. I really like how he has modified the army composition compared to what it was, and changed the painting. Great Job Carlos!! Let's flood his place with players. I am not sure what day I am going yet, but I will be there! How about you????

Now special characters are a little hosed, but not totally. :) Yeah Vulkan and Fateweaver!!!!!!!!! Eat it!!!!!!

Warhammer 40,000: Spring Tournament, 2010
The Game Preserve, Pavilions, Lafayette

When & Where
Saturday or Sunday, October 23rd or 24th, 2010, from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.
The Game Preserve, Pavilions, 100 South Creasy Lane, Suite 1030, Lafayette, 47905. (765) 448-4200.

The tournament will consist of three rounds, conducted in a Swiss format, each day. You can play Saturday OR Sunday, but not both. Standard Force Organization: each army must have at least one HQ (up to two) and two Troops (up to six) selections. You may have up to three selections from each of Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support (although there are composition point considerations. See below.)

- There is no entry fee if you sign up in advance! Day of registration, the entry fee is $10.00.
- Due to space restrictions, a maximum of 12 players will be allowed per day. The official sign-up sheet is in the store.
- Each player must bring one army of no greater than 1500 points. All army lists must be typed and are to be turned in the morning of the Tournament (you will not get it back). You should also bring a copy for yourself and perhaps your opponents.
- Armies must be selected out of current Codices. No Legendary or Apocalypse units or custom vehicles are allowed. Chapter Approved armies must be approved in advance by the TO.
- All figures in your army should be painted to level 1. If not, you will lose points.
- You must bring all relevant materials, including rulebook, codex, dice, range ruler, templates, etc.
- Optionally, you may bring a single piece of painted terrain with a base up to 6” x 9” and up to 6” high. You will be able to deploy this piece of terrain in your deployment zone.
- If there are any questions, email them to Carlos:

A player’s overall score will include points in the categories listed below. There are 114 points possible.
- Battle outcome (0-20 points per battle)
- In-Game Attitude (judged by game opponents 0-6 points per battle)
- Army Appearance (pre-game, peer judged 1-12 points)
- Army Appearance (TO judged basics 0-6 points)
- Army Composition (TO judged 0-18 points)

Each game will be played to the end of six full rounds or two hours, whichever occurs first. At the end of the round, all games still in progress will cease immediately. Any player deemed to be stalling will result in a five point reduction in victory points for that game, and that player’s opponent for that round will be awarded five bonus victory points (to a maximum of 20 and a minimum of zero).

9:00 to 9:30 Registration. Please be on time.
9:30 to 9:50 Pre-game, peer judged Army Appearance
10:00 to 12:00 Round One.
12:00 to 1:00 Lunch break. Fend for yourselves.
1:00 to 3:00 Round Two.
3:30 to 5:30 Round Three.
6:00 Awards Ceremony!

Prizes will be awarded for the following achievements during the Tournament.
- Best Overall score – Boxed set of your choice (< $90)
- Second best Overall score – 40K Boxed set of your choice (< $40).
- Door prize for one random tournament finisher – 40K Blister pack of your choice (< $20).
The winner of the tourney will also be immortalized on the Hall of Heroes plaque forever.
Battle Outcome
Each battle each player will be able to earn up to 20 points by destroying enemy models and through various in-game objectives. Successful armies will incorporate speed, firepower, and assault capabilities, while minimizing casualties. The Post Game Results Form will be printed on the back of your mission handout. Your opponent will fill out your Battle Outcome score, and initial it. Then you will take the form back, grade your opponents on In-Game Attitude and initial it.

When judging In-Game Attitude, consider the following and award one point for each bold question:
- Was your opponent on time and ready to play each round? Did he have all relevant codices, dice, templates, measuring devices, etc? Did he present you with a copy of his army list?
- Was your opponent pleasant? Or was he merely there to do some business?
- Did your opponent take set-backs in stride? Or did he drone on about how bad his dice are?
- Did your opponent seem to measure distances fairly? Did he “bend” any other rules?
- Were you and your opponent able to resolve rules disputes amicably? If a judge was called over multiple times, this may indicate that someone was a rules lawyer. If it was you, then perhaps you should give your opponent this point anyway.
- Did your opponent use good dice etiquette? Did he leave the dice on the table long enough for you to acknowledge them? Were his dice easy to read?

Before the tournament, you will grade all other player’s Army Appearance, ranking them from first to last, with your army last. Your criteria are your own.

During the tournament, the TO will judge every Army’s Appearance according to a simple method, earning one point for each of the following:
- Is the whole army painted to “Level One”? This means that every model is primed, with a layer of additional color on all parts of the figure. If any figures in the army are bare plastic, metal or primer, the player gets a zero for appearance.
- Is a consistent color scheme used? For most armies, models should look like they belong to the same force or squad, rather than looking like a miscellaneous hodge-podge of different forces.
- Are all the models in the army based? Is the entire army based with static grass, flock or sand?
- Is there a fair amount of conversion work? Cut and glue space marines are just fine. But are there any awesome poses that took conversion work? Any custom vehicles?
- Are the models shaded and highlighted? One layer of paint over primer is not good enough.
- Are the models detailed? Decals, free-handing, and other such details and iconography can really enhance the look of an army.

During the tournament, the TO will judge every army according to a simple method, awarding points for each of the following (the number in parenthesis is the maximum points earnable):
- Each troops selection that is at maximum size (2). Chaos will earn this point if their troops are at their chaos number (Tzeentch 9, Khorne 8, Nurgle 7, Slaanesh 6) or the printed maximum. Imperial guard will earn this point for each platoon with two or more infantry squads, but not for veteran or penal squads.
- If Elite is not maximized (2). One or two choices will earn you this award.
- If Fast Attack is not maximized (2). One or two choices will earn you this award.
- If Heavy Support is not maximized (2). One or two choices will earn you this award.
- If HQ is not maximized (2). One choice will earn you this award.
- For each troop selection over the minimum (4).
- If the army has zero special (named) characters (2). Anyone with a name counts, including sergeant and vehicle upgrades.
- If the army has zero duplicate, non-troops selections (2). You can have one Leman Russ squadron with three tanks, but not two squadrons. One Terminator Assault Squad and one Terminator Squad are ok. One Dreadnought, one Venerable Dreadnought, and one Ironclad Dreadnought are ok. Two Devastator squads with completely different numbers and equipment will not earn this award.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Doubles Tournament!!! Beat down by Fateweaver x 3


The tournament was great with 28 players showing up to fight in the doubles tournament of 2000 points. Wouldn't you know it I had to fight 3 fateweavers which is probably the biggest problem against my Thunderwolf list. My first game was against 2 fateweavers which should have gone our way, but of course it was kill points, and Jim's fateweaver made too many re-roll saves even for fateweaver. My son and I then were playing for 3rd hopefully by tabling our 2nd opponent and then having to play fateweaver and chaos sorcerers with obliterators in the third game. I am more than irritated at how the last game went, but we were beat fair and square. (Even though 1 player was basically controlling both armies and just told the other when to roll and what to shoot at.) But it was fun none the less and I was super excited for everyone that came out.

For the second tournament in a row a Foot Eldar list won 1st tied with the double fateweaver list we played in the first turn. There were many great looking armies and a lot of newer players, some old vets that came back, young and old, and of course Steve B. was there, and well he is his own category.

Hope to see you again at the next tournament of 1750 points November 6th!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pure firepower. Guard or Space Wolves


After picking up guard for the amount of firepower the codex has, then changing all my space marines to Space Wolves I have enjoyed playing both, but want to get a perspective on your thoughts as far as the best overall army as it relates to firepower.

When I started guard it is kind of funny because I fell in love with Colonel Straken and made a guard army that can fight in close combat. I added some firepower, but commonly used Daemonhunters to give me that punch with Straken. I then had a V-8 moment and realized all the incredibly powerful combinations that I had thought about such as the psyker battle squad in a chimera combined with Griffons. I looked at the Hydras and said, OH MY GOSH!!!! These are amazing. I fell in love with the ability to lay a tremendous amount of firepower with the vendetta's and the melta/chimera love the veteran squads give.

I then picked up the space wolves when they came out because I love assault and close combat. I started sharpening my skills with the space wolves using Ragnar and a lot of bloodclaws. They were fun, but not as successful as I would have liked. Just like the guard codex, I started really reading about the other units and saw the tremendous ability of different types of longfang units, thunderwolf calvary, rune priests in pairs, and razorbacks.

I made two lists I wanted to play at Ardz boys. One was guard and one was space wolves. I let my son play space wolves while I played my guard list. I was shocked when my son basically tabled me by turn 3 with the list I made. This was the first time I had been handed my butt with my mech guard list. I was stunned, and shook my head as it must have just been the dice. (I did roll horribly, and as always my son rolled extremely well). I didn't listen to my gut feeling to take the wolves to the semi's and took the guard. I only did mediocre and vowed to not play the guard for a while as I felt crushed with disappointment. I have since been working on painting my wolves, expanding their effectiveness, and becoming a space wolves expert. I am not there yet and learn something new every game. I recently added a typhoon speeder to my arsenal that served me very well in my last tournament thanks to a few games against Scott.

What are your thoughts on the two lists below?

Guard List-2000

Company Command Squad-3 meltas in Chimera

Veteran squad-3 meltas in Chimera
Veteran squad-3 meltas in Chimera

Infantry Platoon
PCS with 3 flamers
Inf Platoon with autocannon and Commissar
Inf Platoon with autocannon

Vendetta with heavy bolters
Valkarie with rocket pods

2 hydras
2 griffons (1 closed top)
2 Demolisher squadron-(1 with melta sponsons)

1 Storm trooper squad with 2 meltas

10 Psyker battle squad in chimera.

Space Wolves List-2000
Thunderwolf lord
Frost Blade, Runic Armor, Wolf tail talisman, Wolf tooth necklace, storm shield

5 Thunderwolfs
1 Bolter/CCW
1 BP/CCW and Melta bombs

Rune priest with Jaws and Murderous Hurricane

Rune priest with Jaws and Living Lightning

5 Grey Hunters with Flamer in Razorback with Twin Linked Assault Cannon
5 Grey Hunters with Flamer in Razorback with Twin Linked Assault Cannon
5 Grey Hunters with Meltagun in Rhino-(Rune Priest)
5 Grey Hunters with Meltagun in Rhino-(Rune Priest)

Landspeeder-Typhoon/Missle Launcher

Longfangs with 2 Plasma Cannons and 3 Multi Meltas
W /Razorback w-Lasplas

Longfangs with 2 LasCannons and 3 Missle Launchers
W /Razorback w-Lasplas

1 Predator with heavy bolter sponsons.

Both these lists are pretty powerful and have a lot of firepower. I am still leaning towards the space wolves because of the razorbacks and longfangs plus when the thunderwolves get to the tank line on turn 1 or 2, it is going to be pretty tough, unless the demolishers can take them out.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Only 1 spot left for doubles tournament!!!

After a few last entries, there is only 1 spot left for the doubles tournament on Sept 26th. We have players coming from Evansville, Kokomo, and possbily Illinois. This is going to be a blast. Sign up today!!!!!!!!!

Just as a FYI. I will be playing with my 15 year old son in this one and yes I know will probably get beat down by all you experienced players. This doubles tournament is so easy to run, my 13 year old will randomly roll for the missions as previously discussed in the posting. With direction the pairings are all set up by winners of the 1st round randomly playing other winners, and loosers randomly playing loosers. As it is win or loose, there is no swiss format. Victory points are kept for each round as they will be the only tie breaker each round head to head, and for the final round.(There are no draws!) The third round will obviously be the 4 undefeated teams randomly picked to play each other, and the rest of the field split randomly between equal records.

Caulyn Darr will be the TO for the tournament. :)

I.E. 1 win and 1 loss teams will play each other, 2 loss teams will play each other chosen randomly from team names out of a box. This being said, 1 win and 1 loss teams absolutely could easily jump to third place. Hope to see the last spot filled soon!!!!

Also as an FYI we added a $20 best painted and $20 best sportsmanship team award that are separate than the overall payout.

If pushed and requested we might be able to push 2 more teams in, but I would prefer to have the extra tables for people to put their gear.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

This is me after the Lexpo tournament in Lafayette, Indiana. I will put more information after I cool off, but will now yell my head off for awhile.

I came in 2nd and normally that would be ok in an 18 person tournament, but I clearly should have had 1st and it was known by everyone at the tournament. Here are the details. (Even the first place winner told me I won.)

#1. I have already talked about my dislike of how the soft scores were set up to be determined by your opponent after the game previously.

#2. The person who won the tournament lost the last game against the 3rd place finisher. Are you lost yet?

#3. The third place player Justin won all three games but came in 3rd due to not having everything painted. (That is understandable)

#4. I won all three games, including against Carlos who was running the tournament on the third game, received top scores on all my painting, and all my points for sportsmanship.

Here we go!!

#5 BECAUSE I WIPED OUT MY FIRST OPPONENT AND HE QUIT BEFORE TURN 5 WHEN HE HAD A UNIT OF TERMINATORS THAT STILL HADN'T COME ON THE BOARD, HE GAVE ME A BIG FLAT FREAKING ZERO ON ARMY COMPOSITION!!!!!!!! The stupid SOB got curbstomped and I lost the tournament by 1 point instead of winning because the douchebag was a poor looser.

It is not my fault he rolled bad.

My army list was as such:

Thunderwolf lord
Frost Blade, Runic Armor, Wolf tail talisman, Wolf tooth necklace, storm shield

5 Thunderwolfs
1 Bolter/CCW
1 BP/CCW and Melta bombs

Rune priest with Jaws and Murderous Hurricane

Rune priest with Jaws and Living Lightning

5 Grey Hunters with Flamer in Razorback with Twin Linked Assault Cannon
5 Grey Hunters with Flamer in Razorback with Twin Linked Assault Cannon
5 Grey Hunters with Meltagun in Rhino-(Rune Priest)
5 Grey Hunters with Meltagun in Rhino-(Rune Priest)

Landspeeder-Typhoon/Missle Launcher

Longfangs with 2 Plasma Cannons and 3 Multi Meltas
W /Razorback w-Lasplas

Longfangs with 2 LasCannons and 3 Missle Launchers
W /Razorback w-Lasplas

1 Predator with heavy bolter sponsons.

The 5 questions for army composition where:

Was the army fun to play against?
Where thery all large squads?
Where there any cheesy combos?
Where there alot of Identical squads?
Some other question I cannot remember?

How does someone give zero on any of these questions for the army list above? The player I am referring to had somewhat close to the list below:

Chapter Master-With a lot of gear
Librarian-With a lot of gear
Ironclad in drop pod with 2xkrak missles
Venerable dread in drop pod with plasma cannon
10 man tacsquad in drop pod
5 Terminators with some special weapon who didn't come on the board
10 man tacsquad in Rhino with melta and powerweapon
10 man tacsquad in Rhino with melta and powerfist
10 man tacsquad in Rhino with melta
5 man devestator squad with Razorback

It was not my fault he didn't get his tacsquad with in the drop pod with his librarian and chapter master until turn 4 and since there wasn't anything left they died in 1 turn. It was not my fault he didn't get his terminators on turn 2,3, or 4.

I was so angry I gave back the 2nd place prize. The biggest piece of BS I have ever seen at a tournament.

How would you rate the army compostion if I was playing you?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thunderwolf Lords

Thunderwolf Lords are incredibly versitile and deadly in close combat. With Toughness 5, Strength 5, Initiative 5, 5 base attacks, Weapon Skill 6, Ballistic Skill 5, and the ability to take all kinds of wargear they can cost as much as a landraider. That being said, I have used different types of Thunderwolf Lords to wipe light vehicles, stun landraiders, destroy infantry models, etc. As I complete my list for Saturday's tournament. What type of Wolf Lord would you rather not face?

A. Frost Blade-(Strength 6) with Storm Shield-(3+ Invol), Runic Armor (2+ armor)
B. Thunderhammer-(Strenth 10) with Storm Shield-(3+ Invol), Runic Armor (2+ armor)
C. Frost Blade-(Strength 6) with Bolt Pistol-(6-attacks), with Warrior Born Saga-(For every model killed, get +1 to base attacks the next combat phase)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tournament in Lafayette Saturday August 4th

After missing out on playing the last tournament at Games 2 Die 4 due to being the tournament organizer I am going to play in a tournament in Lafayette this coming Saturday. I have never played in anything in Lafayette, but already don't like what I am seeing about the setup.

2000 point tournament

#1. All players are required to bring at least 4 troops.
Even thought I was planning on taking 4 anyways, how do you make someone bring 4?

#2. All Space Marine armies get to use the standard space marine codex for rules on wargear and such.
Wow, Maybe I should take out my Daemonhunters or turn my Space Wolves into black templars to get all the updated wargear. Even better, Dark Angels just got incredibly better for the tournament. Again how do you change the rules this much for a tournament.

#3. All scenarios are kept secret until the game day.
So since Justin and I are traveling up there, I am sure the local crowd will not know the scenarios as they tend to leak out all the time. This is 2010 not 1997.

#4. 20 battle points, 15 soft score points-5 painting-5 Army composition-5 Attitude.
So again the 1997 format of tournaments which is going to determine the winner I am sure. I have no doubt I can get a 5 in attitude, a 3 or 4 in painting, but the army composition piece is stupid. One of the questions is, "Would you like to play this army as a pick up game on a regular basis?" Well if I crush my opponent what is he going to say??????? Seriously?? "Did your opponent spam any units?" Well, so now I cannot take like units in a TOURNAMENT? This is really up in my craw and it shows.

Anyways, I hope to do well and bust some heads as well as have a good time. I will always be polite except to Lysander/Shrike/30 TH/SS guy from the Ardz Boys semi-finals. :)

What are your thoughts on these type of tournaments?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trying out the bugs vs Scott

I challenged Scott with my Tyranids who I am trying to play with the sub par codex GW has put out in my opinion. We played 1750 seize ground with 4 objectives.

My list was:
Swarmlord with 2 tyrant guard
1 Tervigon with catalyst and onslaught.
1 Troop Tervigon with catalyst and onslaught.
10 termaguants.
1 Trygon Prime with Toxin Sacs.
1 Trygon with Toxin Sacs.
1 Mawloc.
2 Zoanthropes in a Mycetic Spore
1 Zoanthrope
1 Venomethrope

Scott Played:
1 Landraider
1 Landraider Crusader
3 speeders with Typhoon lauchers and Multi meltas (seperate)
5 TH/SS and 3 Lightning Claw terminators
10 Tac Squad with Melta/MMelta in Rhino
10 Tac Squad with flamer and something.

Turn 1 set up with Mawloc on the board who I had to proxy my red crusher fex as a mawloc and the rest of the units as seen above. We rolled up dawn of war which really screwed me as I had to basically bring all my big stuff from the edge of the board instead of getting close to him. (This really lost me the game along with my inability to roll more than a 2 in the running phase! Seriously!!! Ask Scott)

Scott Set up with almost nothing and moved on everything first turn. I shot and ran and spit out guants from my HQ Tervigon. Idiot rolled doubles after 11 and went dry. Second Tervigon made 10 and was still potent. THIS TERVIGON WAS MY MVP as he spit out over 89 gaunts in 7 turns! Yes he is my guy!!! His children even killed Vulken!! :)

Turn 2 was an epic fail for my Zoanthropes not coming in a 3+. I moved forward to try and get closer and of course rolled 1's and 2's even. Another failure. The Mawloc did come in and hit the speeder and Landraider. I made a mistake thinking I got the extra d6 penetration against vehicles. He did nothing but did stay in base with the landraider and the speeder. Nothing else went well for me this turn.

His turn 2 he moved around and shot alot at the Mawloc and only caused 3 wounds. The landraider that was in base didn't move but pivoted to shoot all weapons at my Trygon. He caused 1 would. his speeders moved around to get crack missle shots at the trygon causing 1 more wound. He also got the Tac Squad out to rapid fire into the mawloc. Vulkan assualted the mawloc to kill him at his higher iniative but only caused 1 wound. I elected to hit the landraider instead of vulkan and wrecked it!! YEah! Scott should have moved the landraider. Of course I was planning on using my hit and run ability to jump out of combat and burrow again but that failed on my turn! :(

My turn 3 was better as I got into combat with the Trygon, blew up 1 speeder with the Prime, and of course didn't get my reserves on a 2+(epic fail-this would have changed the game as well) The swarmlord of course only moved thru cover 2 inches!!! :(. I had to set up to prepare for a charge from the terminators since I couldn't pop them with the zoeys who didnt want to come in. The trygon killed a good amount of the tac squad and of course I failed my initiative test to jump out of combat and the mawloc died to vulkan.

His turn 3 shooting was good as he killed 1 tyrant guard, the venomthrope, and put 3 wounds on the prime. He pushed Vulkan in the fight to finish off the trygon. His teminators assaulted and made an incredible amount of invol saves. The prime only killed 1 and the swarmlord only killed 1! really!! The prime dies in 1 round and the Swarmlord takes 1 wound.

My turn 4 i finally get my reserves and and try to land my spore on the objective to contest but scatter 8 inches away. My zoanthropes land shoot at the landraider, but of course get the only result I don't want is a destroyed weapon. I proceed to continue to make gaunts to try and protect my right flank. I shoot te 5 man squad with warp blast and he goes to ground in the open and saves 2. How come that never works when I do that? These 2 would save my swarmlord on the last turn from charging into them and taking away 1 objective with thier melta gun. I do some more wounds to the Terminators and start widdling them down. he wins combat but I make my saves. He moves Vulkan and jumps in the rhino and starts moving towards me. He kills my lone zoanthrope with krak missles which I fail the 3+ invol. Man I am really hating tyranids right now. He also kills my zoanthropes that dropped with his Crusader. UGGH!!!

Turn 5 brings me close to loosing as I cannot kill his terminators fast enough. I even move my HQ tervigon into combat and do a whopping 1 casualty. I shoot everything at Vulkan and cause 1 wound. I also stun a speeder but that is it. The Tervigon on my right comes down out of cover to maybe get in combat. Oh, no he doesn't because I don't roll high enough to get him out of cover. I see a pattern here. I take another wound on the tyrant and kill a few more. I actually win combat but he makes his morale check. he shoots guants and they die, but that is ok becaue I am just making more.

Turn 6 brings Vulkan in the middle of a lot of guants. The most broken man in the marine codex finally goes down to guant fire. It is but a minor victory in the loosing battle as I finally kill the terminators but am left in the open with the swarmlord to get shot and die. He forgot the swarmlord has 5 wounds and almost made a fatal mistake, but he just killed him with the last 2 guys who went to ground in the open on 6's. Really? Yes. Turn 7 is the same I make guants he kills them with what he has left. I hold 2 objectives but he contests both and so wins 2-0.

What I learned. The tyranids are difficult to play. Dawn of war screws tyranids badly. The swarmlord is overpriced and should have an invol save against shooting. He also only has 4 base attacks. That is pretty lame. I needed some longer range shooting ability, probably hive guard or a tyranofex. The venomthrope is nice but they die too fast to krak missles and the such. GW shouldn't have took away eternal warrior to synapse creatures. Tervigons can be great as long as you don't dry up or assault with them. Mawlocs are horrible! (Played 3 games now) The only reason he made up his points is because Scott made a mistake in not moving the Raider out of base. I will adjust my list and try against Scott again, hopefully with his same list. I will try adding 1 Tyrannofex and some hive guard and removing the mawloc and changing the swarmlord to a hivetyrant with twin devourers.

Good Game Scott.

I hope you enjoyed this batrep as it is my first with pictures. Give me your thoughts!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy Doubles Tournament-September 26th!!! Are you Man ENOUGH????

Doubles Tournament!!!!!!!!
Come with your best buddy or best enemy to compete in 3 rounds of a double tournament.
Date: September 26th
Time: 11:00 AM
Who: Any 2 Players (Max 16 teams)
What: Up to 1000 points each of a legal army to include proper force organization structure.
Cost: $20 per team

Special Rules: Your army only works for your army regardless of what anything in your codex or the WH40K rulebook might say! Period! Don’t even think about asking questions because there is NO EXCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Missions: All three standard missions will be rolled randomly at the start of the round. All three missions will be played. (Seize ground will have 5 objectives)
Scoring: Only wins and losses count. Any draws will be determined by victory points to ensure there is NO DRAW! There is no soft score, no army composition, no fluffy if I like him or not. Win or lose. You asked for it and now you have it.
Prize Support:
40% 1st place team
30% 2nd place team
15% 3rd place team
15% Games 2D4 to purchase more terrain for events.

For all you ork players that is: Max 16 teams x $20 = $320 prize support.

1st Place $128 in prize support-And Immortal Status
2nd Place $96 in prize support-And Top Honors
3rd Place $48 in prize support-And Bragging rights

ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH??? Does your BRO-MANCE stand a chance?

Sign up via email at or contacting Games2D4 at 317-271-4234. Space is limited to only 16 teams!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy Tournament Scenarios 8-7-2010

Round 1: “Assassination Annihilation”

Mission: Modified Annihilation-6 kill points

Deployment: Modified Dawn of War

Turns: 6

Mission Special Rules:
*Infiltrate, Reserves, Deep Strike, etc.
*You may attempt to seize the initiative.
*Wiping out your opponent will count as an automatic Win. (Unless your opponent has assassinated all 6 of his targets of opportunity, which would be a draw).
*Any kill points not on the board due to being in reserves or leaving the table for any reason at the end of the game count as destroyed.

Your enemy is attempting to annihilate targets of opportunity. You must decide before you start the game which 5 target units will count as kill points. (Transports do not count as part of the unit for this mission unless chosen as one of the targets.

Roll off for first turn and deployment zone as normal. Prior to deployment, the first player will choose 5 of his units as Assassination Targets, which will be the only units that provide Kill Points during the game. One unit must be chosen from each Force Organization slot: 1 each of HQ, Troop, Elite, Heavy Support, and Fast Attack. If your army does not contain one of the possible selections, you may pick a second target from one of the other Force Organization slots, but no more than two may come from a single slot (unless is it entirely necessary). Dedicated Transports may be selected, counting as the Force Organization slot they were purchased for. Your opponent will then pick a unit from your list to be the sixth and final Assassination Target.

After both players have completed this process, Deployment will continue as normal for Dawn of War (1 HQ, 2 Troops) with the following exception: No more than three of of your six Assassination Targets may be placed into Reserve. This means that at least three of your Assassination Targets must either be deployed or performing the Turn 1 walk-on. Daemon armies will split their Assassination Targets equally for the purposes of Daemonic Assault, with three Targets in each group.

The player with the most Kill Points at the end of the game wins, with the same amount of Kill Points being a Draw.

NOTE: Players must take into consideration the final makeup of units that are able to make changes during deployment. Some examples: Wolf Guard, Combat Squads, Infantry Platoons merged, Hive Tyrant with Tyrant Guard, etc. In these cases common sense must be applied. TO will make final ruling for all situations.

Player 1 Name:________________________ Player 2 Name:_______________________________

Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss

TO Initial:_________

Round 2: “Offense, Defense or No Fence”

Mission: Modified Capture and Control

Deployment: Short table sides pitched battle up to 24” from the short table edge

Turns: 6

Mission Special Rules:
*Infiltrate, Reserves, Deep Strike, etc.
*You may attempt to seize the initiative.
*Wiping out your opponent will count as an automatic victory.

You must decide if you are going to play defense, offense, or No fence. The objective placed anywhere in your deployment zone is worth 1 victory point for you and 2 for your opponent. The objective that is placed directly in the middle of the board is worth 3 victory points for either players. The objective placed anywhere in your enemies deployment zone is worth 2 victory points for you and 1 for your opponent.

Roll for 1st turn and table edge as normal except winner will decide whether to take which short table edge they choose , deploying their objective, and first turn, or defer to opponent. First player must place their objective anywhere in their deployment zone on a bottom level followed by the 2nd player then placing their objective anywhere in their deployment zone on a bottom level. There is then a third objective placed evenly in the center of the board vertically and horizontally. Player going first may then deploy up to 24” from the short table edge. (Which will leave a 24” no man’s land in-between the 2 deployment zones as normal).{Outflanking units come on as normal but come on from the long table edges}

The player with the most objectives wins. You must be within 3” from an objective with a scoring unit without an enemy unit within 3” of the objective to claim an objective as a victory point. Any enemy model that is within 3” can contest an objective.

Player 1 Name:________________________ Player 2 Name:_______________________________

Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss

TO Initial:_________

Round 3:“Give them nothing, but take from them, everything!!” Leonidas

Mission: Modified Seize Ground-4 Objectives plus 1

Deployment: Pitched Battle-Normal long table edges
Turns: 6

Mission Special Rules:
*Infiltrate, Reserves, Deep Strike, etc.
*You may attempt to seize the initiative.
*Wiping out your opponent will count as an automatic Win.

Your enemy is attempting to seize vital objectives and steal your highest value unit on the board.

Roll for placing objectives first as normal. Place objectives one at a time rotating from 1st player to 2nd player following the rules in the Wh40K rule book. (More than 12” from any table edge and each other). The most expensive unit in point cost in each army automatically becomes the 6th objective. If 2 units are the same point cost, the owning player may choose. To claim this objective your opponent must destroy or kill the unit and have a scoring unit within 3” to claim as an objective as normal. This objective may be contested as normal as well. (Obviously you would not remove the vehicle, monstrous creature, or 1 model from the unit from the board as an objective marker is needed)

Roll for 1st turn and table edge as normal with winner choosing to take first turn or defer to opponent. Player going first then deploys as normal. Playing going 2nd then deploys as normal.

The player with the most objectives wins. The same number of objectives counts as a draw.

Player 1 Name:________________________ Player 2 Name:_______________________________

Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss

TO Initial:_________

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

40K tournament May 1st

I finished in second place. I am very happy with my place but am kicking myself for 3 costly mistakes. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera working but will put together a batrep.

Here is my Army (Thanks Greg)

Game 1

Dawn of war-Annihalation

Opponents Army (Thanks Greg)

This army is painted and converted amazingly. He also won best painted. Albino Orks? I have never seen anything cooler.
I won the dice roll and went first. We both elected not to put anything in deployment and I went first. I moved everything on and positioned myself for him to rush on. I moved my 3 flyers flatout to get cover saves from his numerous rockets. On his turn 1 he moved on and fired but either couldn't see me due to darkness or I made cover saves. Boring turn 1 for both of us.
Turn 2. The S$%t hits the fan!
I expload 2 of his trucks with my vendetta's, kill some of his longrange dev. squad (Not sure what they are called), make 1 unit run away end with 3 kill points on my turn 2. I also imoblize my command tank with Staken. Good Job COLONEL. You SUCK!
He makes me pay by dropping 2 vendettas on turn 2. My vet squad gets pinned. :( I was worried as his stuff wasnt dying as fast as I hoped. He earns 4 kill points.
Turn 3. The Imperium starts aiming better.
I destroy another truck, make another boys unit run off, destroy his scorcha tank and make that unit run off the board. I shoot 2 melta guns at the battle tank and only manage to blow off a weapon with Straken yelling at the pinned unit to get back in the fight. I now have 11 kill points.
His turn he moves his 2 units of cans at me and they really don't do much. His battle tank with the deff rolla startes moving forward but isn't close enough yet. But his warboss jumps out and assaults the unit that was pinned wiping out the whole unit. He jumps out of his remaing truck and assaults my valkarie imobilizing and stunning it. He tries to shoot at my other unit that jumped out of the vendetta but they hide well in cover. He has 5 kill points.
Turn 4. Things are looking better for me and worse for him.
I jump out of my Valkarie and blow up his remaining truck. I shoot enough shots to kill his dev squad. (shoota boys maybe), I assault his warboss with Straken who wiffs all 4 of 5 attacks that should have killed the warboss. He takes 1 wound and deals 2 wounds back to the squad. Straken fails the 1 fearless save and 1 member dies. Figures! (15 Kill points)

He jumps out with 4 mega nobz and stuns and blows off both weapons on my vet chimera and my psyker battle squad Chimera. He should have blown them up. he moves towards my russ's with his remaining squad and stuns it and blow off 1 weapon. He is having a hard time destroying anything. He still has 5 kill points. Staken misses all 4 attacks and his warboss kills the remaining squad member. He passes his fearless save. He rolls over a Chimera and hits my unit of psyker battle squad and a hydra with his deff rolla. Fortunately I make my leadership check and get out of the way. He stuns my Hydras
Turn 5. nail in the coffin. Straken finally kills the warboss for 3 kill points before he gets crushed by his powerclaw. He hides in the ruin from any shooting. I also shoot at his meganobz and weaken resolve them to flee away. I shoot at the last boys squad and they all die except the nob who has 1 wound left. He passes his leadership check. I have 18 kill points at the end of my turn.
Turn 5 he hits my exectutioner but still cannot destroy it. Worse Luck ever. He blows up 1 chimera and shoots at a vet squad who flees off the table. He ends with 8 victory points.
The victory points were:
3 for HQ
2 for Elite, Fast Attack, and Heavy
1 for troops and dedicated transports.
Synopsis, the hydras and vendetta's (While they were alive) did an amazing job of popping his transports. I had to play defensively as he rushed me. Good Game!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

40k and competition

Is winning enough?

Do we play to have fun?

These questions I have continued to ask myself over the past year of playing 40K competitively. I have always been super competitive from the first day I forged my birth certificate to work early at 15 in high school because I wanted money. I realized young that if I wanted something to be aggressive at it. I surmise this was not an entirely postive learning experience as it has caused me to hurt others in the process. I do care deeply for almost every person I meet, but my competitive nature gets the best of me more than 50% of the time.

Winning is great, but I truly enjoy winning those close games more than crushing opponents. An example would be the guy that beat me so bad the first time I played 40K (twice back to back), I got addicted to making sure I learned the game inside and out until I could beat him. Now it took me 4 weeks to finally understand you cannot throw 30 terminators on the board and just think you can win. Thanks to Scott, and my competitive nature my skills improved to a capable level of competition. And even though he beats me at least 50% of the time, I feel lucky.

Fun is relative to your emotional feelings at any particular time and I really enjoy being with my gaming group on Saturday's to battle. I have realized as of late that I need to chill out and have a good time and bring less destructive army lists. I do feel I have a nack of making lists that are "super-competitive". That being said, besides the one game I wanted to try a 4 flyer imperial guard list to see it's affectiveness, which I feel horrible for, I have been trying to play to a more fun concept. I hope my friends will see a change as I desire to not be the guy no one wants to play because he has 4 runepriest with JAWS. {I have only ever had 2 :)}

Anyways I have determined that I need a change, (except at Ardz Boyz, and maybe a certain tournament where I hope a certain player will be there!), ..Where was I..oh yeah I need to change to realize it is a have fun.......with people you like to be with.