Wednesday, May 5, 2010

40K tournament May 1st

I finished in second place. I am very happy with my place but am kicking myself for 3 costly mistakes. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera working but will put together a batrep.

Here is my Army (Thanks Greg)

Game 1

Dawn of war-Annihalation

Opponents Army (Thanks Greg)

This army is painted and converted amazingly. He also won best painted. Albino Orks? I have never seen anything cooler.
I won the dice roll and went first. We both elected not to put anything in deployment and I went first. I moved everything on and positioned myself for him to rush on. I moved my 3 flyers flatout to get cover saves from his numerous rockets. On his turn 1 he moved on and fired but either couldn't see me due to darkness or I made cover saves. Boring turn 1 for both of us.
Turn 2. The S$%t hits the fan!
I expload 2 of his trucks with my vendetta's, kill some of his longrange dev. squad (Not sure what they are called), make 1 unit run away end with 3 kill points on my turn 2. I also imoblize my command tank with Staken. Good Job COLONEL. You SUCK!
He makes me pay by dropping 2 vendettas on turn 2. My vet squad gets pinned. :( I was worried as his stuff wasnt dying as fast as I hoped. He earns 4 kill points.
Turn 3. The Imperium starts aiming better.
I destroy another truck, make another boys unit run off, destroy his scorcha tank and make that unit run off the board. I shoot 2 melta guns at the battle tank and only manage to blow off a weapon with Straken yelling at the pinned unit to get back in the fight. I now have 11 kill points.
His turn he moves his 2 units of cans at me and they really don't do much. His battle tank with the deff rolla startes moving forward but isn't close enough yet. But his warboss jumps out and assaults the unit that was pinned wiping out the whole unit. He jumps out of his remaing truck and assaults my valkarie imobilizing and stunning it. He tries to shoot at my other unit that jumped out of the vendetta but they hide well in cover. He has 5 kill points.
Turn 4. Things are looking better for me and worse for him.
I jump out of my Valkarie and blow up his remaining truck. I shoot enough shots to kill his dev squad. (shoota boys maybe), I assault his warboss with Straken who wiffs all 4 of 5 attacks that should have killed the warboss. He takes 1 wound and deals 2 wounds back to the squad. Straken fails the 1 fearless save and 1 member dies. Figures! (15 Kill points)

He jumps out with 4 mega nobz and stuns and blows off both weapons on my vet chimera and my psyker battle squad Chimera. He should have blown them up. he moves towards my russ's with his remaining squad and stuns it and blow off 1 weapon. He is having a hard time destroying anything. He still has 5 kill points. Staken misses all 4 attacks and his warboss kills the remaining squad member. He passes his fearless save. He rolls over a Chimera and hits my unit of psyker battle squad and a hydra with his deff rolla. Fortunately I make my leadership check and get out of the way. He stuns my Hydras
Turn 5. nail in the coffin. Straken finally kills the warboss for 3 kill points before he gets crushed by his powerclaw. He hides in the ruin from any shooting. I also shoot at his meganobz and weaken resolve them to flee away. I shoot at the last boys squad and they all die except the nob who has 1 wound left. He passes his leadership check. I have 18 kill points at the end of my turn.
Turn 5 he hits my exectutioner but still cannot destroy it. Worse Luck ever. He blows up 1 chimera and shoots at a vet squad who flees off the table. He ends with 8 victory points.
The victory points were:
3 for HQ
2 for Elite, Fast Attack, and Heavy
1 for troops and dedicated transports.
Synopsis, the hydras and vendetta's (While they were alive) did an amazing job of popping his transports. I had to play defensively as he rushed me. Good Game!