Thursday, April 22, 2010

40k and competition

Is winning enough?

Do we play to have fun?

These questions I have continued to ask myself over the past year of playing 40K competitively. I have always been super competitive from the first day I forged my birth certificate to work early at 15 in high school because I wanted money. I realized young that if I wanted something to be aggressive at it. I surmise this was not an entirely postive learning experience as it has caused me to hurt others in the process. I do care deeply for almost every person I meet, but my competitive nature gets the best of me more than 50% of the time.

Winning is great, but I truly enjoy winning those close games more than crushing opponents. An example would be the guy that beat me so bad the first time I played 40K (twice back to back), I got addicted to making sure I learned the game inside and out until I could beat him. Now it took me 4 weeks to finally understand you cannot throw 30 terminators on the board and just think you can win. Thanks to Scott, and my competitive nature my skills improved to a capable level of competition. And even though he beats me at least 50% of the time, I feel lucky.

Fun is relative to your emotional feelings at any particular time and I really enjoy being with my gaming group on Saturday's to battle. I have realized as of late that I need to chill out and have a good time and bring less destructive army lists. I do feel I have a nack of making lists that are "super-competitive". That being said, besides the one game I wanted to try a 4 flyer imperial guard list to see it's affectiveness, which I feel horrible for, I have been trying to play to a more fun concept. I hope my friends will see a change as I desire to not be the guy no one wants to play because he has 4 runepriest with JAWS. {I have only ever had 2 :)}

Anyways I have determined that I need a change, (except at Ardz Boyz, and maybe a certain tournament where I hope a certain player will be there!), ..Where was I..oh yeah I need to change to realize it is a have fun.......with people you like to be with.