Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tournament in Lafayette Saturday August 4th

After missing out on playing the last tournament at Games 2 Die 4 due to being the tournament organizer I am going to play in a tournament in Lafayette this coming Saturday. I have never played in anything in Lafayette, but already don't like what I am seeing about the setup.

2000 point tournament

#1. All players are required to bring at least 4 troops.
Even thought I was planning on taking 4 anyways, how do you make someone bring 4?

#2. All Space Marine armies get to use the standard space marine codex for rules on wargear and such.
Wow, Maybe I should take out my Daemonhunters or turn my Space Wolves into black templars to get all the updated wargear. Even better, Dark Angels just got incredibly better for the tournament. Again how do you change the rules this much for a tournament.

#3. All scenarios are kept secret until the game day.
So since Justin and I are traveling up there, I am sure the local crowd will not know the scenarios as they tend to leak out all the time. This is 2010 not 1997.

#4. 20 battle points, 15 soft score points-5 painting-5 Army composition-5 Attitude.
So again the 1997 format of tournaments which is going to determine the winner I am sure. I have no doubt I can get a 5 in attitude, a 3 or 4 in painting, but the army composition piece is stupid. One of the questions is, "Would you like to play this army as a pick up game on a regular basis?" Well if I crush my opponent what is he going to say??????? Seriously?? "Did your opponent spam any units?" Well, so now I cannot take like units in a TOURNAMENT? This is really up in my craw and it shows.

Anyways, I hope to do well and bust some heads as well as have a good time. I will always be polite except to Lysander/Shrike/30 TH/SS guy from the Ardz Boys semi-finals. :)

What are your thoughts on these type of tournaments?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trying out the bugs vs Scott

I challenged Scott with my Tyranids who I am trying to play with the sub par codex GW has put out in my opinion. We played 1750 seize ground with 4 objectives.

My list was:
Swarmlord with 2 tyrant guard
1 Tervigon with catalyst and onslaught.
1 Troop Tervigon with catalyst and onslaught.
10 termaguants.
1 Trygon Prime with Toxin Sacs.
1 Trygon with Toxin Sacs.
1 Mawloc.
2 Zoanthropes in a Mycetic Spore
1 Zoanthrope
1 Venomethrope

Scott Played:
1 Landraider
1 Landraider Crusader
3 speeders with Typhoon lauchers and Multi meltas (seperate)
5 TH/SS and 3 Lightning Claw terminators
10 Tac Squad with Melta/MMelta in Rhino
10 Tac Squad with flamer and something.

Turn 1 set up with Mawloc on the board who I had to proxy my red crusher fex as a mawloc and the rest of the units as seen above. We rolled up dawn of war which really screwed me as I had to basically bring all my big stuff from the edge of the board instead of getting close to him. (This really lost me the game along with my inability to roll more than a 2 in the running phase! Seriously!!! Ask Scott)

Scott Set up with almost nothing and moved on everything first turn. I shot and ran and spit out guants from my HQ Tervigon. Idiot rolled doubles after 11 and went dry. Second Tervigon made 10 and was still potent. THIS TERVIGON WAS MY MVP as he spit out over 89 gaunts in 7 turns! Yes he is my guy!!! His children even killed Vulken!! :)

Turn 2 was an epic fail for my Zoanthropes not coming in a 3+. I moved forward to try and get closer and of course rolled 1's and 2's even. Another failure. The Mawloc did come in and hit the speeder and Landraider. I made a mistake thinking I got the extra d6 penetration against vehicles. He did nothing but did stay in base with the landraider and the speeder. Nothing else went well for me this turn.

His turn 2 he moved around and shot alot at the Mawloc and only caused 3 wounds. The landraider that was in base didn't move but pivoted to shoot all weapons at my Trygon. He caused 1 would. his speeders moved around to get crack missle shots at the trygon causing 1 more wound. He also got the Tac Squad out to rapid fire into the mawloc. Vulkan assualted the mawloc to kill him at his higher iniative but only caused 1 wound. I elected to hit the landraider instead of vulkan and wrecked it!! YEah! Scott should have moved the landraider. Of course I was planning on using my hit and run ability to jump out of combat and burrow again but that failed on my turn! :(

My turn 3 was better as I got into combat with the Trygon, blew up 1 speeder with the Prime, and of course didn't get my reserves on a 2+(epic fail-this would have changed the game as well) The swarmlord of course only moved thru cover 2 inches!!! :(. I had to set up to prepare for a charge from the terminators since I couldn't pop them with the zoeys who didnt want to come in. The trygon killed a good amount of the tac squad and of course I failed my initiative test to jump out of combat and the mawloc died to vulkan.

His turn 3 shooting was good as he killed 1 tyrant guard, the venomthrope, and put 3 wounds on the prime. He pushed Vulkan in the fight to finish off the trygon. His teminators assaulted and made an incredible amount of invol saves. The prime only killed 1 and the swarmlord only killed 1! really!! The prime dies in 1 round and the Swarmlord takes 1 wound.

My turn 4 i finally get my reserves and and try to land my spore on the objective to contest but scatter 8 inches away. My zoanthropes land shoot at the landraider, but of course get the only result I don't want is a destroyed weapon. I proceed to continue to make gaunts to try and protect my right flank. I shoot te 5 man squad with warp blast and he goes to ground in the open and saves 2. How come that never works when I do that? These 2 would save my swarmlord on the last turn from charging into them and taking away 1 objective with thier melta gun. I do some more wounds to the Terminators and start widdling them down. he wins combat but I make my saves. He moves Vulkan and jumps in the rhino and starts moving towards me. He kills my lone zoanthrope with krak missles which I fail the 3+ invol. Man I am really hating tyranids right now. He also kills my zoanthropes that dropped with his Crusader. UGGH!!!

Turn 5 brings me close to loosing as I cannot kill his terminators fast enough. I even move my HQ tervigon into combat and do a whopping 1 casualty. I shoot everything at Vulkan and cause 1 wound. I also stun a speeder but that is it. The Tervigon on my right comes down out of cover to maybe get in combat. Oh, no he doesn't because I don't roll high enough to get him out of cover. I see a pattern here. I take another wound on the tyrant and kill a few more. I actually win combat but he makes his morale check. he shoots guants and they die, but that is ok becaue I am just making more.

Turn 6 brings Vulkan in the middle of a lot of guants. The most broken man in the marine codex finally goes down to guant fire. It is but a minor victory in the loosing battle as I finally kill the terminators but am left in the open with the swarmlord to get shot and die. He forgot the swarmlord has 5 wounds and almost made a fatal mistake, but he just killed him with the last 2 guys who went to ground in the open on 6's. Really? Yes. Turn 7 is the same I make guants he kills them with what he has left. I hold 2 objectives but he contests both and so wins 2-0.

What I learned. The tyranids are difficult to play. Dawn of war screws tyranids badly. The swarmlord is overpriced and should have an invol save against shooting. He also only has 4 base attacks. That is pretty lame. I needed some longer range shooting ability, probably hive guard or a tyranofex. The venomthrope is nice but they die too fast to krak missles and the such. GW shouldn't have took away eternal warrior to synapse creatures. Tervigons can be great as long as you don't dry up or assault with them. Mawlocs are horrible! (Played 3 games now) The only reason he made up his points is because Scott made a mistake in not moving the Raider out of base. I will adjust my list and try against Scott again, hopefully with his same list. I will try adding 1 Tyrannofex and some hive guard and removing the mawloc and changing the swarmlord to a hivetyrant with twin devourers.

Good Game Scott.

I hope you enjoyed this batrep as it is my first with pictures. Give me your thoughts!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy Doubles Tournament-September 26th!!! Are you Man ENOUGH????

Doubles Tournament!!!!!!!!
Come with your best buddy or best enemy to compete in 3 rounds of a double tournament.
Date: September 26th
Time: 11:00 AM
Who: Any 2 Players (Max 16 teams)
What: Up to 1000 points each of a legal army to include proper force organization structure.
Cost: $20 per team

Special Rules: Your army only works for your army regardless of what anything in your codex or the WH40K rulebook might say! Period! Don’t even think about asking questions because there is NO EXCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Missions: All three standard missions will be rolled randomly at the start of the round. All three missions will be played. (Seize ground will have 5 objectives)
Scoring: Only wins and losses count. Any draws will be determined by victory points to ensure there is NO DRAW! There is no soft score, no army composition, no fluffy if I like him or not. Win or lose. You asked for it and now you have it.
Prize Support:
40% 1st place team
30% 2nd place team
15% 3rd place team
15% Games 2D4 to purchase more terrain for events.

For all you ork players that is: Max 16 teams x $20 = $320 prize support.

1st Place $128 in prize support-And Immortal Status
2nd Place $96 in prize support-And Top Honors
3rd Place $48 in prize support-And Bragging rights

ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH??? Does your BRO-MANCE stand a chance?

Sign up via email at or contacting Games2D4 at 317-271-4234. Space is limited to only 16 teams!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy Tournament Scenarios 8-7-2010

Round 1: “Assassination Annihilation”

Mission: Modified Annihilation-6 kill points

Deployment: Modified Dawn of War

Turns: 6

Mission Special Rules:
*Infiltrate, Reserves, Deep Strike, etc.
*You may attempt to seize the initiative.
*Wiping out your opponent will count as an automatic Win. (Unless your opponent has assassinated all 6 of his targets of opportunity, which would be a draw).
*Any kill points not on the board due to being in reserves or leaving the table for any reason at the end of the game count as destroyed.

Your enemy is attempting to annihilate targets of opportunity. You must decide before you start the game which 5 target units will count as kill points. (Transports do not count as part of the unit for this mission unless chosen as one of the targets.

Roll off for first turn and deployment zone as normal. Prior to deployment, the first player will choose 5 of his units as Assassination Targets, which will be the only units that provide Kill Points during the game. One unit must be chosen from each Force Organization slot: 1 each of HQ, Troop, Elite, Heavy Support, and Fast Attack. If your army does not contain one of the possible selections, you may pick a second target from one of the other Force Organization slots, but no more than two may come from a single slot (unless is it entirely necessary). Dedicated Transports may be selected, counting as the Force Organization slot they were purchased for. Your opponent will then pick a unit from your list to be the sixth and final Assassination Target.

After both players have completed this process, Deployment will continue as normal for Dawn of War (1 HQ, 2 Troops) with the following exception: No more than three of of your six Assassination Targets may be placed into Reserve. This means that at least three of your Assassination Targets must either be deployed or performing the Turn 1 walk-on. Daemon armies will split their Assassination Targets equally for the purposes of Daemonic Assault, with three Targets in each group.

The player with the most Kill Points at the end of the game wins, with the same amount of Kill Points being a Draw.

NOTE: Players must take into consideration the final makeup of units that are able to make changes during deployment. Some examples: Wolf Guard, Combat Squads, Infantry Platoons merged, Hive Tyrant with Tyrant Guard, etc. In these cases common sense must be applied. TO will make final ruling for all situations.

Player 1 Name:________________________ Player 2 Name:_______________________________

Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss

TO Initial:_________

Round 2: “Offense, Defense or No Fence”

Mission: Modified Capture and Control

Deployment: Short table sides pitched battle up to 24” from the short table edge

Turns: 6

Mission Special Rules:
*Infiltrate, Reserves, Deep Strike, etc.
*You may attempt to seize the initiative.
*Wiping out your opponent will count as an automatic victory.

You must decide if you are going to play defense, offense, or No fence. The objective placed anywhere in your deployment zone is worth 1 victory point for you and 2 for your opponent. The objective that is placed directly in the middle of the board is worth 3 victory points for either players. The objective placed anywhere in your enemies deployment zone is worth 2 victory points for you and 1 for your opponent.

Roll for 1st turn and table edge as normal except winner will decide whether to take which short table edge they choose , deploying their objective, and first turn, or defer to opponent. First player must place their objective anywhere in their deployment zone on a bottom level followed by the 2nd player then placing their objective anywhere in their deployment zone on a bottom level. There is then a third objective placed evenly in the center of the board vertically and horizontally. Player going first may then deploy up to 24” from the short table edge. (Which will leave a 24” no man’s land in-between the 2 deployment zones as normal).{Outflanking units come on as normal but come on from the long table edges}

The player with the most objectives wins. You must be within 3” from an objective with a scoring unit without an enemy unit within 3” of the objective to claim an objective as a victory point. Any enemy model that is within 3” can contest an objective.

Player 1 Name:________________________ Player 2 Name:_______________________________

Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss

TO Initial:_________

Round 3:“Give them nothing, but take from them, everything!!” Leonidas

Mission: Modified Seize Ground-4 Objectives plus 1

Deployment: Pitched Battle-Normal long table edges
Turns: 6

Mission Special Rules:
*Infiltrate, Reserves, Deep Strike, etc.
*You may attempt to seize the initiative.
*Wiping out your opponent will count as an automatic Win.

Your enemy is attempting to seize vital objectives and steal your highest value unit on the board.

Roll for placing objectives first as normal. Place objectives one at a time rotating from 1st player to 2nd player following the rules in the Wh40K rule book. (More than 12” from any table edge and each other). The most expensive unit in point cost in each army automatically becomes the 6th objective. If 2 units are the same point cost, the owning player may choose. To claim this objective your opponent must destroy or kill the unit and have a scoring unit within 3” to claim as an objective as normal. This objective may be contested as normal as well. (Obviously you would not remove the vehicle, monstrous creature, or 1 model from the unit from the board as an objective marker is needed)

Roll for 1st turn and table edge as normal with winner choosing to take first turn or defer to opponent. Player going first then deploys as normal. Playing going 2nd then deploys as normal.

The player with the most objectives wins. The same number of objectives counts as a draw.

Player 1 Name:________________________ Player 2 Name:_______________________________

Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss Circle 1 Only Win Draw Loss

TO Initial:_________