Thursday, October 14, 2010

Competitive or Fun List for Saltire Games Tourney?

I am going to a tournament at Saltire Games on Sunday and cannot decide what Space Wolves list to play. I really want to play my fun themed list but should probably play my list I am playing next weekend in Lafayette to get in some practice time. My Fun list is centered around the amazing Thunderwolf models. They are incredible and look amazing. I am now up to 8 completed with only 2 more to finish my collection of 10 I want.

I will not give out the exact list but it revolves around Canis and some Fenrisian Wolves. Oh how I wish they were scoring!!!!

The second revolves around the familiar Razorback Spam that Space Wolf and Blood Angel players are using now. I have never copied a list off the internet, and never will, but having a lot of AV11 is a competitive list right now.

What determines what kind of list you bring to different tournaments? We have talked on the Back40 Blog about tournaments. I normally always try to be competitive to the max, but would like to try and bring a fun themed list from time to time.

What list would you bring if you were me?


  1. Bring the list you like to play and learn to crush with it. If I hand you a gun and tell you to kill people, that would be quite simple. But if I were to hand you a pillow, that would be quite challenging, and much more fun...perhaps this was a poor metaphor to have used.

  2. I might bring my pillow!! With rocks and glass in it of course!!!

  3. Screw comp. From what I hear, Lafayette will be even worse. I don't see any reason to go, frankly.