Sunday, November 7, 2010

HIve Fleet Nov 6th Tournament. How did the wolves do?

The Wolves did Great! I ended up with a first place win in our tournament with 28 players!! It was a hard day of fighting as my hybrid Thunderwolf/Rhino Rush/Longfang list did very well. I could have tabled all 4 opponents but chose not to out of being a good sport.

My list was:

Thunderwolf Lord with Runic Armor 2+/3+, Wolf Claw, Storm Shield

Wolf Lord with Frost blade, pistol, and belt of Russ 3+/4+

Rune Priest with Living Lightning and Jaws of the World Wolf

Elite Inquisitor with Psycannon, Close Combat Weapon, and Targeter

3 Thunderwolfs with 1 Storm Shield, 1 Thunderhammer, and 1 Pistol and CCW

5 Wolf Guard with a Drop Pod
1 Combi-melta and Thunderhammer (Split into Grey Hunters with Wolf Lord)
1 Combi-melta and Powerfist (Split into Wolf Scouts)
1 Combi-melta and Stormbolter (Dropped in Pod on 3 games)
2 Combi-melta's (Dropped in Pod on 3 games)

5 Wolf Scouts with Melta Gun

6 Grey Hunters in Rhino with Melta Gun and 1 Power weapon

6 Grey Hunters in Rhino with Melta Gun and 1 Power weapon

5 Grey Hunters in Razorback with Flamer

5 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers with 2 Melta Guns (Loaded into Longfangs Rhino)

5 Longfangs with 4 Missle Launchers

5 Longfangs with 4 Missle Launchers and RHino

I combined the hard hitting Thunderwolf Calvary with Lord and the 2 Semi-hard hitting Grey Hunter Squads with my other wolf lord, wolf guard and the Rune Priest to form a 1-2-3 punch. Having 2 melta shots from each Grey Hunter Squad, and the Storm Troopers to take Melta pot shots while hiding behind the rest of the army to pop vehicles and the Longfangs throwing missles over everyone's heads, it was very succesful. I really felt the list was an overall great list in my hands.

I played foot guard, Chaos Space Marines with Lash and 3 Vindicators (I was Scared to death here), All Eldar Skimmer list (Also Scared here), and Orks with 3 Battle Wagons in the final game.

Fortunately I rolled to go first in every game and took the opportunity I will write up a report later of which armies I played.

I am very proud of the Wolf Lords. The Wolf Lord on the Thunderwolf wins my MVP award.


  1. good for you.

    my writeup/photos here :

  2. I have never seen a site like this. I would have liked to play you in the final game!!!!